A Guide To Understanding The
Differences Between Different Kinds Of Latinos,
As Manifested By Responses

T O   T H I S
Kate Spade Taco Truck Purse ($251)

· Mexican: Ay, no.
· Mexican-American: Hell. No.
· Latinx: That’s cultural appropriation.
· Tex Mex: OMG I WANT THIS PURSE!!!!!!


Purse by Notagucci™

8. Aqua Net: Yeah, for hair, stupid. But I also use this for multiple things like bug spray, deodorant, and even as a substitute for glue.

7. Mazapan: Marzipan is a yummy almond-flavored treat and mazapan is a similar treat made with peanuts. Instead of eating like a horse on your date, pop one of these in your mouth to hold you, you don’t want to look like my homegirl La Piggy.

6. Morning After Pill: I know you have probably taken this within the last two months but it’s quite all right, I am a ho, too. Always be prepared, Junior does not need a little brother. [Mas…]