OMG! We’re getting a $5.2 million ATM Card for Christmas! Here are the deets:

How are you, and with your family,

All the arragement is done about your ATM CARD,there is no problem again
but i let you know that .

Our ATM DEPARTMENT OFFICE Benin republic here are delivery your ATM MASTER CARD
with very little amount If you are ready to receive it which can cost you $100
dollar only. Now i let you know that all your total Amount of your ATM CARD is
( $5.8 MILLION UNITED STATE DOLLAR ONLY ) so i let you know that to Activation
fee of ATM CARD before is $200 dollar in any country in this world wide. but
held a meeting with there Cabinet the cocultion is that the activation of
ATM CARD will be $100 dollar only.


avocadoaddictPoor pochos! Could this really be the end? Stuck inside of Nippon with the Mexi blues again? Like, say, you’re an avocado lover. What can you do? What CAN you do? Check it out!

They’ve got avocado burgers: [Mas…]

Yessir. I got the link via email, and then later by text message. It was from this really hot chica — well at least her profile pic was hot. And she wanted to send me — ME — free nude photos!

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At the beginning, keep your goals simple. Start to with well-deserved a trek for a few minutes every other day. Vocation up to longer and more frequent walks as you progress.

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Dear Abuelita: Toad in a hole, wolf at the door, hitting the G-spot

by Dear Abuelita July 25, 2012 Cultura
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Dear Abeulita: Hi, I am sorry for this message because it may get to you as surprise but it’s because of the situation of things right now. I want use this opportunity to explain my problem. I was here in London on vacation with my family but yesterday thing changed because i was mugged at […]


Apology: These POCHO comments are ham not spam

by Andalé Mono June 28, 2012 Corporate
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POCHO encourages live unmoderated reader comments without registration (democratic but dangerous) so we employ a robot named Akismet to help us weed out spam. The bot’s not perfect, though. Sometimes legitimate comments get mistakenly trapped by Akismet, which uses artificial intelligence to decide if a comment is Spam (bad) or Ham (good). Here, with our apologies, […]