Lotsa choices for Mexican-American food lovers in Japan (photos)

avocadoaddictPoor pochos! Could this really be the end? Stuck inside of Nippon with the Mexi blues again? Like, say, you’re an avocado lover. What can you do? What CAN you do? Check it out!

They’ve got avocado burgers:


Japan is good for these novelty burgers. Back in the day, fans of Microsoft Windows 7 (did Windows EVER have Mac-style fan boys?) you could get a Windows 7 burger, with 7 patties:


But where’s the Mex? Have a delicious chorizo “burger” on cruller donut bun:


In a pinch maybe a spam/BLT “burger” will help you feel less homesick:


And while the “taco” on Indian naan bread looks iike it might have some potential, we’re not at all sure about the companion curry dog, which looks like _____ inside a _____:


Images via RocketNews24 in Japan — here and here and Acid Cow.