Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Mi Thanksgiving Day turkey al pastor tacos

lenchatacosHappy Mexican Thanksgiving Day!

Is Tia Lencha here. Gwhat is Mexican Thanksgiving Day you ask? Is Thanksgiving but with all Mexican food. What?!?! My gringo frends say. Oh no! How you can do that! Is crazy! And Tia Lencha say, no really.

When I help mijo with his homeworks, I learn that Thanksgiving come from a Puritan holiday in Englands. When it was the Reformation the Protestantes wanted to throw away all the Catholic holidays, even Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny!

Mas…Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Mi Thanksgiving Day turkey al pastor tacos

The Food Network says ‘taco cones’ are the ‘new tacos’ (video)

Opinions are like culos; everybody has one. The Food Network is of the opinion that “taco cones” are the “new tacos,” for example, and Christopher Columbus thought he “discovered” a “new world.” Trump thinks he has the best “taco bowls.” Not so fast, you bad hombres! If you circumcise the tips of the cones, what is gonna keep all the juices inside? #fncravings, huh?

WHOA! IF TRUE! How to pronounce ‘taco’ (shocking video)

(PNS reporting from WASHINGTON) Top officials in the Intelligence Community have confirmed to PNS that the shocking video just released by the whistleblowers at HowToProunce.orgHow to Pronounce “Taco” — is totally legit and is only the first of many shockers to come. Check back here for further developments as we follow up on this breaking story.


Mas…WHOA! IF TRUE! How to pronounce ‘taco’ (shocking video)