Attention, West Coast: El Niño is coming – are you prepared? (photos)

by Verdana Bold October 19, 2015 El Now

Meteorologists expect epic rains for the West Coast this winter as powerful storm elements gather strength in and over the Pacific Ocean. Also, El Niño is coming! Are you ready, West Coast pochas y pochos? Are you ready for El Niño? Don’t be a Gloomy Gus like this negative neighbor:


Mexico’s Olympic Curling Team needs your help (video)

by Especial Correspondents September 24, 2014 Cultura
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The Mexican Curling Team that will be going for gold at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang 2018 is training hard. Your modest cash contribution can help these brave young vatos as they go to SWEEP THE GOLD! How did they get started with this less-than-mainstream sport? Consuela, of course:


Mami, it’s cold outside (video)

by HELLA HIELO December 18, 2013 El Now
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Post by DigiBunch. That awkward moment when your boogers freeze and you miss the nice warm playa back in the DR. ¡Mami!