Anaheim police brutality protest t-shirt fundraiser

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I created the above image as a response to the outrageous and murderous police brutality by the Anaheim Police Department recently against two young men in the Anaheim barrio. The families are not only dealing with protesting against the Anaheim PD and City Hall, but also the costs of funerals for these two men, arguably executed by the Anaheim PD.

As a completely independent effort, I hope to raise money through the sales of t-shirts and to donate it evenly between the two families of the young men, Manuel Angel Diaz and Joel Acevedo. Manuel was the young man shot in the back of the head while he was already on his knees. Both shootings are under question. The Anaheim PD seems to like to use their weapons as often as possible.

If you don’t want a shirt, but wish to donate directly to Joel Acevedo’s family, you can do it here:

“Memorial Fund for Joel Acevedo, shot dead by Anaheim Police on 7/22 – Account# 77009250547 Wells Fargo Bank, money needed desperately for funeral expenses.”

(Manuel Angel Diaz Memorial Fund info to come)

Protests continue and I hope to ease the two families lives a bit by hopefully giving them some funds at least to bury their sons.

The Roots Factory in San Diego is generously donating their labor in printing the shirts, and I have donated the use of the image, and the first two dozen blank T-shirts.

We will cover costs of Roots Factory’s ink, and the cost of the shirts, and donate the rest of the money to the families. That’s about $5 per shirt per costs, and $20 to the memorial funds. I hope to buy more shirts and get them printed, it seems there is big support for this effort. If you want more to go to the families, please donate to them directly.

Shirts are also available for sale at LunaSol Mexican Vintage, 6711 Bright Ave., in Uptown Whittier. Their hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 12-9PM. More stores to come.

Thanks for your support.

I am happy to do this to try to help these folks in a bad situation, and to bring light to the completely unlawful stomping of civil rights in the Latino community of Anaheim. Email me with any questions at laloalcaraz at yahoo dot com .

— Lalo Alcaraz