Angry area youth calls menudo ‘yucky,’ demands pizza

menudokid(PNS reporting from ALTADENA) Javier “Flaco” Hernandez outraged his family Sunday night when he refused to eat his bowl of menudo.

“It’s yucky!” the 8-year-old shouted as he repeatedly banged his spoon on the dinner table and insisted on pizza instead.

Flaco’s refusal ticked off his mom, who had spent hours preparing the beef stomach broth in the kitchen of their tidy suburban Los Angeles County bungalow.

Flaco’s dinner table theatrics were just the latest in a string of rejections of traditionally Mexican food and customs, Rosalinda Hernandez said:

He won’t even eat tortillas anymore! He keeps asking for bagel bites! I don’t know what I’m going to do with ese malcriado anymore.

Other family members had many feels.

“Le voy a dar una chingiza,” Flaco’s father, Rogelio Hernandez, told PNS.

“Flaco is, like, so spoiled,” added sister Rosie, age 17. “He should just eat the menudo. It’s low-carb and the hominy has zero gluten!”

Negotiations with Flaco were heated, but eventually all parties agreed that if Flaco ate his pinche menudo, he could have ice cream for dessert. Witnesses report the lad slurped the menudo broth, avoiding the “squishy parts” but finishing the posole.

“I wanted pizza,” Flaco said later, as he licked a tamarindo paleta. “My best pal Mike eats pepperoni pizza with his dad every night. This ice cream is really good though.”

Flaco paused for a while before adding one more thought.

“Menudo,” he insisted, “is yucky.”

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