Argentine hunter shoots four-fingered ‘gray’ ET, gets abducted

huntershootsgrayIt was a day in the country Alberto Tavernise will never forget. First he shot an alien and then he got snatched.

Inexplicata reports:

“They are grey and have four fingers on their hands and four toes on their feet. They stand approximately a meter and fifteen centimeters,” says Alberto Tavernise, who says he was later abducted.

The uncanny story could be the plot of a science fiction film. However, it concerns the dramatic story told by a resident of the community of Luan Toro, located 20 kilometers south of Santa Rosa, La Pampa.

Alberto Tavernise, 59, shared his experience with Cronica – an encounter he will never forget. “A few months ago I was hunting in a nearby field, and I saw something going on at a hunting stand. That’s when I was surrounded by five extraterrestrials,” he said.

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