‘Far Alamo’ is the epic battle they never taught you in school (video)

Alien invaders tried to mess with the gringos at the Alamo in 1836, but they didn’t count on brave defenders Laurence Harvey, John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Charles Bronson, Yul Brynner, James Coburn, Clint Eastwood, Henry Fonda, Terence Hill, Steve McQueen, Gian Maria Volonte, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach. Far Alamo documents the epic battle they never taught you in school.

[Mashup by Fabrice Mathieu.]

Taxi driver videos a UFO/OVNI over Villa Mercedes, San Luis, AR

Dude was out driving his taxi last week in Villa Mercedes, in the province of San Luis, Argentina, when he started having electrical problems with his car. First the radio went crazy. Then the car died. Then he saw this thing in the sky. But what was it? Doh! It was an UNIDENTIFIED flying object — an objeto volador NO IDENTIFICADO.

More at INEXPLICATA, the Journal of Hispanic UFOlogy. FWIW, Inexplicata locates the incident in San Luis, MX, but we think that’s wrong.

Mexican farmer built pyramid because space aliens from Orion (videos)

captionalienRaymundo Corona built a stone pyramid on his farm near the Mexico-U.S. border on orders from a tall alien from the Constellation Orion named Herulayka, who had honey-colored eyes and white hair, like many Orionians, except for those other Orionians with honey-colored hair and white eyes, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Mas…Mexican farmer built pyramid because space aliens from Orion (videos)

Extraterrestres y UFOs/OVNIs visit Santa Rosa, Argentina

extraterrestresReports of vari-colored luminous OVNIs and strange beings with big heads are coming from “dozens of eyewitnesses who claim having seen them in broad daylight and under various circumstances. Not merely one, but several of them flying over the city of Santa Rosa, La Pampa [Argentina], and several localities of this region,” according to Inexplicata:

Mas…Extraterrestres y UFOs/OVNIs visit Santa Rosa, Argentina