Are you bigote-challenged? Try Turkey for mustache transplants

Do you have trouble growing a big bigote?

Are you follicle-challenged in the upper liply region?

Are you the lone bare-faced boy in a room of full of hirsute hombres?

Let’s talk turkey, carnal.

We mean Turkey with capital T that rhymes with “pee.” OK, maybe that’s a bad example.  But Turkey, the sick man of Europe, may have the ‘stache you’ve been looking for.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

ISTANBUL—Turkey’s economy is getting hairier, as a booming medical sector profits from a growth spurt: mustache transplants.

Long favored as a destination for the follicly challenged, Turkey’s cosmetic surgeons have for years offered hair implants to those who are balding on top. Now hair transplants for the face are growing in popularity, cosmetic surgeons and tourism agencies say, with men from the Middle East, Europe and Asia coming to Istanbul seeking a virile addition for the upper lip.

The procedure uses a technique called follicle-hair extraction, in which doctors remove clusters of hair from the more hirsute areas of the body and implant them along the lip or cheeks to magnify a mustache or beef-up a beard.

Performed under local anesthetic, the surgery takes around five hours and can cost up to $5,000, cosmetic surgeons say. Tourism agencies have begun offering “transplant packages” combining facial-hair operations with a shopping vacation in Istanbul or beachside retreat on the Mediterranean coast.

On the other hand, or lip, these people might help and they’re only a phone call away!