Breaking Ñews: @MexicanMitt releases first campaign poster


(PNS reporting from NEAR THE BORDER) Campaign aides at Gov. Mitt Romney’s headquarters at a palatial goat rancho here have just released the candidate’s first campaign poster. Romney released his first English-subtitled Spanish-language commercial last week.

“The Most Mexican Man In The World,” @MexicanMitt is  pictured enjoying the glamorous lifestyle of a “Baindido” of the money industry, or the “cash cartel,” as he likes to call it.

Romney is shown posed in his campaign garb – looking over his vast land holdings – as a herd of chivos frolics in the corral.

His juanderful campaign slogan, “I AM THE JUAN PERCENT” is winning over many converts to his jihad against taxes on the uber-super-maxi-rich.

@MexicanMitt recently commented on his Twitter feed that he loves America, and that it’s a place “Where I get REECHER, and YOU get BROKER.”

@MexicanMitt is living the Mormon-Mexican-American Dream!

Good luck to you, señor!

POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz will discuss the campaign with Patt Morrison on KPCC this afternoon at 2:30 p.m.

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