CHONY 2012: Mexican Mitt’s new awareness campaign

Leading GOP presidential contender Mexican Mitt Romney has started a brand new awareness campaign that is sweeping the social media world: CHONY 2012.

Mexican Mitt is trying to raise awareness about the whereabouts of his favorite pair of Magical Underpants, which he has named “Chony.”

“Please help me find my favorite CHONYs,” said the wealthy Mexi-Mormon on his popular Twitter feed last night.

Their absence from his campaign bus is causing Mexican Mitt much anguish. In various mournful Tweets, he also urged readers to contribute money to his CHONY 2012 campaign, which has since gone viral.

“Send me $35 a month to help CHONY 2012, help track down my Magical Underpants. Sixty-nine percent of your donation goes to CHONY AWARENESS.”

“And if you find them, please, please wash them,” he says.

Mexican Mitt also promises to send an “Morality Awareness Pack,” which would supposedly help his CHONY 2012 campaign:

Your $55 CHONY 2012 donation will get you: A Magical Abstinence Bracelet made of PINCHE CHINESE RUBBER.

“We know Mexican Abuelas invented Magical Underpants,” said Mexican Mitt, adding that, “I should know, I have like 40 abuelas in Chihuahua.”

When asked if the CHONY 2012 campaign had anything to do with the “Stop KONY 2012”, the multi-millionaire candidate asked, “Who’s Kony?”