Hey, Mr. Anti-Immigration Man, can we see your grandpa’s papers?

Bend the Arc, a Jewish social justice organization, just introduced an online legal widget that applies immigration laws to your family’s history. Answer some questions and the Entry Denied widget determines if your immigrant ancestors would be allowed into the U.S. today.

And guess what:

Millions of Americans have grown up with a defining family immigration story. But while our families may have endured hardship coming to America, the simple fact is that most of our immigration stories would not be possible at all under today’s immigration laws.

When we put our Abuelo Abraham Saenz’s information in the Entry Denied widget (as a teenager around the turn of the 20th Century, he bailed out of Czarist Russia and immigrated to America) we found out he would be denied entry if he tried today.

Do you have any people in your life that are spouting anti-immigrant crap? One minute with this thing might make them think twice. Are you curious about how your abuelita became an American? Check it out: