‘Highland Park’: Binge-watch all the episodes right here! (NSFW videos)

Have you been watching Highland Park on the YouTube? We’ve got all the episodes right here for your binge-watching convenience. You can start with this trailer (above), or dive right in (below). [NSFW. Adult situations, language.]

In Episode 1, Los Angeles locals Juanita and Diego had a holy vision in Highland Park. Who knew Tonantzin, Aztec mother goddess, had a cousin named Concepción?

Mas…‘Highland Park’: Binge-watch all the episodes right here! (NSFW videos)

Bob Dylan 2010,1964: The Times They Are A-Changin’ (videos,lyrics)

Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Bob Dylan is a poet and a prophet, and he sang his 1964 prophecy for the Obamas and America at the White House: The Times They Are A-Changin’. [Scroll to bottom of the page for a live in 1964 version.]

These lyrics contain a hopeful vision and a warning. Some changes are STILL overdue, and some folks need to step back, and get out of the way.

Mas…Bob Dylan 2010,1964: The Times They Are A-Changin’ (videos,lyrics)

Old School/New School/Antiguo Paradigma/Nuevo Paradigma (toon)

nuevo_paradigmafOut with the old paradigms, in with the new. Argentina’s EmprendedoresNews.com (EntrepreneursNews) explains:

Un nuevo paradigma es el comienzo de un nuevo camino, una nueva forma de hacer las cosas. Generalmente un nuevo paradigma no va a hacer inmediatamente más eficientes todos los procesos al 100%, pero si mejor el modelo que está remplazando.

It is not our responsibility to finish the work of perfecting the world, but we are not free to desist from it either. [Click on the image to enlarge.]

Mas…Old School/New School/Antiguo Paradigma/Nuevo Paradigma (toon)

R. Crumb 1970: Mr. Natural’s 719th Meditation (video)

Mr. Natural’s 719th Meditation by R. Crumb was first published as a comic in 1970. Crumb created ZAP Comix and is the artist behind 60s and 70s memes like Mr. Natural, Fritz the Cat, and Keep On Truckin. This new YouTube version of the strip adds music and sound effects.

Dear Photoshop Experts: Can you turn the background black? (photos)

pshoprequesyheader Iblackbackgroundplst starts at PhotoshopRequest.com.

An innocent netizen asks for help with a photo, like Danilo here, who writes in requesting the Photoshop experts insert a black background into a snapshot:

req. help

help guys
i would like to turn black background this photo but i don't how T-T
pls anyone help me
heres the picture

Danilo’s request gets a prompt reply with a new, Photoshopped image:

Mas…Dear Photoshop Experts: Can you turn the background black? (photos)

Breaking: San Diego firm offers Thailand plastic surgery tours

(PNS reporting from SAN DIEGO) Horton District travel agency Mad Mad World Tours is now offering a new cosmetic surgery/tour package featuring makeovers in beautiful Thailand, the company announced today.

The tours, organized in partnership with the Bod Thai Clinic of Bangkok, Thailand, promise an all-expenses-paid two-week luxury trip to the southeast Asian country and a procedure called a frental nopalectomy. The forehead surgery promotion targets upscale Mexican-Americans.

Mas…Breaking: San Diego firm offers Thailand plastic surgery tours

Hey, Mr. Anti-Immigration Man, can we see your grandpa’s papers?

Bend the Arc, a Jewish social justice organization, just introduced an online legal widget that applies immigration laws to your family’s history. Answer some questions and the Entry Denied widget determines if your immigrant ancestors would be allowed into the U.S. today.

And guess what:

Millions of Americans have grown up with a defining family immigration story. But while our families may have endured hardship coming to America, the simple fact is that most of our immigration stories would not be possible at all under today’s immigration laws.

Mas…Hey, Mr. Anti-Immigration Man, can we see your grandpa’s papers?

Mayan Doomsday (the video): ‘2012 The Mayan Word’

Here’s a novel idea: Why not ask some Mayans about the impending apocalypse? Undercurrents Alternative News did just that in 2012 The Mayan Word. In Spanish and English with English subtitles, this hour-long documentary takes a look at the impending death and obliteration of the world as we know it and beginning of our glorious metamorphosis into luminous beings of light in the Singularity to come. Or maybe not. The official writeup is below.

Mas…Mayan Doomsday (the video): ‘2012 The Mayan Word’