Breaking: San Diego firm offers Thailand plastic surgery tours

(PNS reporting from SAN DIEGO) Horton District travel agency Mad Mad World Tours is now offering a new cosmetic surgery/tour package featuring makeovers in beautiful Thailand, the company announced today.

The tours, organized in partnership with the Bod Thai Clinic of Bangkok, Thailand, promise an all-expenses-paid two-week luxury trip to the southeast Asian country and a procedure called a frental nopalectomy. The forehead surgery promotion targets upscale Mexican-Americans.

“The Thai venue makes it more affordable than similar operations in the U.S.,” according to Mad Mad manager Manny Mendoza. “And discreet. You go on vacation with nopal en la frente and you come back — umm — refreshed. No one knows a thing. Tu sabes?”

Bod Thai medical director Dr. Nattaporn Pornopipatipong, a graduate of the medical school of the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, has performed more than 500 nopalectomies since 2009, according to a Mad Mad “fact sheet.”

“We help patients who want to emphasize their Spanish heritage,” the physician wrote. “When they leave my clinic, they can finally dream the impossible dream.”

Nopal head woman via ceramic artist Susan Shelton.

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