New ‘East Los High’ web series exposes sexrification of East L.A. (video)

(PNS reporting from EAST LOS) A new web series on Hulu is poised to blow the lid off the unprecedented rise of sexy Latinos currently overrunning East Los Angeles.  The series, East Los High, is a riveting expose of the rapid “sexrification” of the historically low-and-slow Chicano community.

“The kids at East Los High are hot, they’re ripped, and they can dance,” said Garfield High School alum Alberto “Sleepy” Gonzalez.  “When I drop my kid off at school, it looks like he’s stepping into another country, like Puerto Rico.”

Anti-sexrification activist Ray “Muppet” Guevara could not stay chill.

“First we had to deal with Guatemalans coming into East L.A., and now we have to face all these buff, toned studs and sizzling Latinas.  East L.A. used to be cool.  Now it’s getting too caliente,” said Guevara. “I was born here, and because of sexrification, I’m seriously thinking of moving to Pasadena. For reals.”

The show’s producers stand by their portrayal of East L.A. as a hotbed of hot beds and sizzling dance moves.

“Kids in East Los are a lot hotter than they were one or two generations ago,” said Cal State Los Angeles sociologist Cal Yente, an advisor to the show. “And a lot of them are from New York.”

In related news, court records obtained by POCHO show that veteran actor Edward James Olmos is suing the show’s producers for not casting him as a high school student.

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