Mexican Food in Slo-Mo: Burrito Mariachi promo video

Burrito Mariachi Mexican Grill, with three location on New York’s Long Island, posted a sexy slo-mo video of their food preparation. Try not to drool as you watch flying lechuga, grilling carne asada, guacamole in production, salsa from scratch, a cold bar, a hot bar, chopping cebollas, two kinds of arroz, frijoles, pico de gallo, and gigantic burritos being assembled. What’s for lunch by the way? Let’s get Mexican! [Video by JING.]

Charlie Chicken, Canine Artist: A Puerto Rican perro in NYC (video)

He’s only a small town dog from Puerto Rico, scoffers say. But seriously, can Charlie Chicken, Canine Artist, make it in the uber competitive New York artistic scene? Charlie’s creations (his mixed media are poop and urine) are regularly featured all across Brooklyn, the short documentary explains.

Dear gringa who wants to defend the Mexican food in New Jork

nyfoodscreencapI read jur article ^^^^ on the google about the Los Angeles Mexican food is not better than the New Jork food but different. Tia Lencha’s chonies are in a bunch. Is that how ju say? Ju don know what ju are talking about.

These are the reasons gwhy:

  1. In jur articulo, ju spend mos jur time talking about Los Angeles. That is because it has a long history of Mexican people live there. Even ju say that it used to be Mexico, tonta!
  2. Ju say the Yelpers jelp it, the media and the general peoples all say Los Angeles Mexican food is better. Thas a lot of peoples.
  3. “Get the fuck over it” and “blah, blah, blah” are no legitimate argumentations.

    Mas…Dear gringa who wants to defend the Mexican food in New Jork

New ‘East Los High’ web series exposes sexrification of East L.A. (video)

(PNS reporting from EAST LOS) A new web series on Hulu is poised to blow the lid off the unprecedented rise of sexy Latinos currently overrunning East Los Angeles.  The series, East Los High, is a riveting expose of the rapid “sexrification” of the historically low-and-slow Chicano community.

“The kids at East Los High are hot, they’re ripped, and they can dance,” said Garfield High School alum Alberto “Sleepy” Gonzalez.  “When I drop my kid off at school, it looks like he’s stepping into another country, like Puerto Rico.”

Mas…New ‘East Los High’ web series exposes sexrification of East L.A. (video)

Pocha Podcast: WTF is up with these catcalls? (NSFW audio)

POCHO’s Subcommandanta del Ñews Sara Inés Calderón in Los Angeles and New Jack City Burro Jefe Elise Roedenbeck got together in audioland to see if they could figure out WTF is up with guys and their weird catcalls and come-ons. Is it different in New York vs. L.A.? Are Spanish catcalls different from English? What’s a guera to do?

Ooops! This audio file seems to be missing! The authorities have been notified.

Hooray! We found a cached copy on Download the POCHA PODCAST here (5.1MB MP3)

Chicana activist joins EZLN movement

(PNS reporting from NEW JACK CITY)  A local activist is excited about throwing her support behind a movement in Southern Mexico she recently read about on Facebook: the EZLN.

Pilar Morales (photo) said she saw a post on her friend Daisy’s Facebook wall about a new band called Rage Against the Machine which talked about the movement.

When the Spanish Harlem resident Googled it, she said she felt like she’d finally found a cause she could really support.

“I totally get this. They are just, like, fighting for their rights and the government is oppressing them!” Morales told PNS. “It’s just not fair.”

Mas…Chicana activist joins EZLN movement

North Korean space shuttle attacks U.S., Manhattan on fire (video)

North Korea’s Glorious Space Program, launched by Eternally Alive Fearless Leader Kim Jong-Il, has crushed the American Capitalist Running Dogs, destroyed flag-shrouded New York City, all while you sleep, accompanied by the luscious sounds of the Marxist Muzak Orchestra playing We Are the World — and we’ve got video!

Mas…North Korean space shuttle attacks U.S., Manhattan on fire (video)

PNS*Hot*Flash: ‘Enemy of my enema is my friend’

(PNS reporting from FLUSHING, N.Y.)  This just in: Long Island dry cleaner Beau Riqua was an unhappy man this morning when he prevented nurses from administering an enema prescribed by his doctor.  Riqua, who was visiting internist Dr. Lee Cuado with concerns about bloating, was upset that Cuado, a longtime friend, recommended this delicate procedure.

“That charlatan is just getting revenge because he lost $500 to me on a Super Bowl bet,” says Riqua, “so now he’s on my list. Go Ravens!”

Mas…PNS*Hot*Flash: ‘Enemy of my enema is my friend’

Local woman tired of having personal relationship with bodega owner

(PNS reporting from DA BRONX) Area resident Paloma Campos is fed up with the “familiarity” at her local bodega.

Campos, a molecular biologist, complained to friends last week about the exhausting personal relationship she’s expected to maintain with bodega owner Victor Martinez (photo, right.)

“Why can’t I just buy a can of soda without discussing my personal life? Just give me my goddam Jupiña,” Campos said.

Campos first started visiting the bodega on the corner of 182nd and Grand as a young teen when her family moved to the area. Though she moved away for four years to attend college, Campos was eventually guilt-tripped by her mother to move back to the West Bronx.

Campos ended up renting the apartment directly above the small store where she has lived for the past eight years. While she was able to sublet the apartment from her cousin’s step-sons’s girlfriend’s cousin at a great price, she cannot make a simple grocery purchase without a 20-minute discussion.

Mas…Local woman tired of having personal relationship with bodega owner

Goth industrial post-punk dark wave Veronica: ‘Naked’ (music video)

“I dance all night, I’m trouble every day!”

Veronica “marks its corner of the sandbox with disdain and rancor. Frontman Omar’s voice traces base desires along electronic body music lines with Marilyn Manson-meets-Orgy groans. Naked is a stripped, raw and tightly magnificent pause in the happy-pop-fed masses’ pathetic existence,” José Benavides writes over at Remezcla, and who are we to disagree? One minute and 38 seconds of WIN from these Brooklyn pochos.

Pan-Latino underground club in Queens: Welcome to Metal Kingdom

Hey! It’s a Cinco de Mayo Sabado Pochonte video shoutout to the heavy metal head banger pochos in New York City — no banda for you! Welcome to Metal Kingdom is a short documentary on an underground Pan-Latino heavy metal club in Queens, NY. Filmed, directed and produced by Denise R. Gaberman. (NSFW language, etc.)