It’s good to be the king! El Rey Del Taco Truck, Astoria, Queens (video)

Happy Taco Tuesday! Johnny’s El Rey Del Taco Truck has been serving delicious comida Mexican to hungry gente in Astoria, Queens, NYC, for years. explains:

“Why would I eat other people’s tacos? Our tacos are the best.”

Meet Johnny, the 21-year old co-owner of El Rey Del Taco, a family-run Mexican food truck based in Astoria, Queens. Confidence coming from someone so young, usually is pure cockiness. But in this case, I know he and his truck have earned it. For over a decade, Johnny’s mom and dad have been feeding late-night food goers delicious tacos with recipes inspired by their hometowns in Mexico. The selection of braised and cooked meats are so moist and tender, so perfectly spiced. It’s no wonder they are considered one of the three “Kings of Astoria”. And if you don’t believe me, just stand in line and ask the patrons for yourself. This truck is an Astoria institution.