Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Taco Truck ❤️Love Guide❤️ for Valentime’s Day

Hapi Valentime’s Day, pochos! Is Tia Lencha here.

In honor of the day of loff, and becos I haf been eating tacos since forever, and becos I gwant to share my loff gwith ju, I make a loff guide so ju can know things about your novio or novia when they take ju to eat at a taco truck – becos what else is so romantical?

After carefully I observe peoples at the taco truck, I made this taco guide, gwell, is like a astrology, but for tacos.


Mas…Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Taco Truck ❤️Love Guide❤️ for Valentime’s Day

Arturo’s BBQ – the food truck – is the Fresh Grill of Bel Air (video)

Mis amigos Ricardo and Arturo are feeding a lot of hungry people at Arturo’s BBQ on the south side of Mulholland Drive east of the 405 Freeway in Upper Bel Air.

Their six-month-old upscale food truck, parked around the corner from American Jewish University, serves grilled tri-tip, baby back ribs, chicken, half-pound hamburguesas, salmon, and burritos, tacos, tortas, and even ceviche. We visited one morning last week — before the lunch rush started — to see wassup. [Disclosure: They have insisted on treating me to lunch. Twice.]

Mas…Arturo’s BBQ – the food truck – is the Fresh Grill of Bel Air (video)

In Paris, it’s #1PHOTOPOUR1TACO @ the Old El Paso taco truck (videos)

truckgirlsThe French arm of Old El Paso, the Tex-Mex style food people, asked ad agency Rosbeef! to generate buzz for their new premium Restaurante brand around late Paris last year.

Rosbeef! (Slogan: We’re creative and we have common sense; how cool is that!?) came up with a marketing combo plate of an Old El Paso Restaurante taco truck, taco selfies and the hashtag #1PHOTOPOUR1TACO. Share a photo with the hashtag, they said, and get a free taco made with El Paso stuff and a digital coupon to buy El Paso products at the market. ¡Que rico! Ooh la la tambien aussi!

Here’s the “case study” video:

Mas…In Paris, it’s #1PHOTOPOUR1TACO @ the Old El Paso taco truck (videos)

Food truck maybe in København, Denmark serves ‘Mexican’ food (video)

In the democratic socialist paradise of Denmark, possibly in Copenhagen aka København, the Mexican Donkey food truck serves up “Mexican sandwiches.” After that, we’re not sure about anything. Pre-fried hard tortillas for tacos? Bread that looks like English muffins? Not a chile or sprig of cilantro to be found? Where’s the beef? Is that a machaca, queso, cebolla, frijoles and mayonnaise torta? And if this is the Burro Mexicano truck, where are the pinche burritos?



You might be a Latino hipster if…

Austin hipsters (photo by NewsTaco)

First off, you may be asking yourself, “What is a hipster?”

Hipsters are the contemporary derivative of beatniks and manifest particular philosophies, fashion and food choices, professional and geographic preferences and, inevitably, are the butt of many jokes.

Why did the hipster burn his mouth on the pizza? Because he ate it before it was cool.

Mas…You might be a Latino hipster if…