Tia Lencha’s Cocina: Taco Truck ❤️Love Guide❤️ for Valentime’s Day

Hapi Valentime’s Day, pochos! Is Tia Lencha here.

In honor of the day of loff, and becos I haf been eating tacos since forever, and becos I gwant to share my loff gwith ju, I make a loff guide so ju can know things about your novio or novia when they take ju to eat at a taco truck – becos what else is so romantical?

After carefully I observe peoples at the taco truck, I made this taco guide, gwell, is like a astrology, but for tacos.


Pollo (thas shicken for ju pochos)
This persona is prolly no Mexican. They order salsa on the side and no onions becos they no like to have onion breaths. Or the persona gets the shicken with no tortilla becos they are on a queto diet.
Asada (thas grill eskirt steak)
This is a classic taco shoice. This persona likes to take gwalks, wash movies, and hold hands. The carne asada persona gwill always do courtesy flush after go to the bafroom.
Carnitas (thas pork shoulder)
Ojo, (that means “eye” for you pochos) the carnitas persona likes to take things eslow, like the way the pork shoulder is cook to make carnitas. But after ju gwin them overs, they loff ju to pieces (like meat that is eshredded).
Al Pastor (thas marinate pork shoulder)
This persona is muy sensual. They like to take time to do things right, like the meat is marinate for days, then roasted on a spit, sliced with a big knife, and their mouth waters for the little pieces of pineapple that fall into the taco like esweet esprinkles of loff.
Lengua (thas beef tongue)
A course this persona likes to kiss if they like a taco de lengua. But they like doing other things with their tongue too. Like one time a estrange man on the bus came up to Tia Lencha and lick her face. His breath emell like garlic and onions that the lengua is braise in to make a taco. Some of ju maybe like this kind of thing.
Cabeza (thas cow’s head meat)
Gwhat kind of persona likes to eat meat from the head of a cow? An esmart one! This persona can add numbers in their cabeza and esleep estanding up if necessary.
Buche (thas pig stomach)
This persona likes some estrange things, like eating habanero chiles whole and drinking tequila for breakfast. But this persona is tender, like the taco, and is less espongy and chewy than the tripas peepos.
Tripas (thas small intestines)
Jes, this is peepos who likes to eat the emall intestines of animals from the farms after they clean, boil, and grill them. These peepos maybe oso eserial killers.
Chorizo (thas pork sausage)
The long eshape of the chorizo inspire the chorizo peepos. They loff the chorizo so mush, all they can think about is chorizo, and everygwhere they look they see…chorizo.
Chicharrón (thas pork rinds)
This persona loffs the soft pork eskin taking a bath in delicious salsa, wrap in a warm tortilla. The delicate, soft texture play with a little crunch of onion for garnish. This peepos like the finer things in life.
Vegetariano (thas no meat)
These peepos are maybe no Mexican, or they can be the vegans. They order tacos and maybe burritos with beans and sheese. They loff the peepos who eat the meat or they loff the Mexican food. But jus becos they don’t get meat don’t mean they don’t get loff.

❤️ Taco truck photo by stevelyon.