Factory workers strike in China as GOP and Fox demand more

Chinese meme manufacturers are struggling with increased demand
(PNS reporting from BEN WA, CHINA) A wildcat strike at the FoxCon plant here yesterday briefly shut down meme production as assembly-line workers protested increased workloads and a benefit cutback.

FoxCon’s Factory #42, a joint venture by Fox News and the GOP Conservative Action Committee, produces faux factoids, snotty snippets and misrepresentations of the Democrats’ policy positions for increasingly-desperate right-wing organizations.

Plant managers are apparently struggling to come up with sufficient quantities of the bullshit antagonists needed keep the Republican primary candidates from sinking into a morass of obvious lies, silly solipsisms and cesspools of hate.

Chinese labor activits told PNS that the two-hour strike started last night when a massive order for anti-ratiocination talking points was loaded into the factory’s computer system. The elimination of lunch hours, contraceptive services and overtime payments on the order of the American owners was also a factor.

The freshly-ordered memes (apparently commissioned by propaganda producers at Fox News) are supposed to distract potential voters from carefully considering the increasingly silly policy positions offered by the candidates.

Factory #42 specializes in painting every action of the Obama Administration as socialist, Muslim and Not Like Us at All.

The Ron Paul Contradictions Cadre was where the trouble started, according to inside sources.

A team working on bolstering Paul’s call for decreased government involvement in citizens’ lives was installing a newly-designed “except for the woman’s uterus” modification when the lunch whistle rang. When a floor captain announced the meal break was cancelled so that rich managers could “create more jobs,” angry thought machinists ripped off their false Ron Paul eyelashes and threw their bongs on the ground.

Order was restored when a headquarters honcho offered a Chicken in Every Wok policy for the Chinese New Year as well as Pie in the Sky, By and By.

Factory floor photo courtesy The-E.