Food Network picks best tacos in each state — do you agree?

foodnetworktacosThe Food Network’s magazine picked the best taco in each of America’s 50 states, plus one for the District of Columbia.

Do you agree with the choices near you?

To start out, here are their picks for California, Arizona, New Mexico,  Texas, Illinois, New York and Florida:

From Los Angeles comes a local favorite — the Korean BBQ short ribs taco –from Kogi, the Korean fusion taco truck and restaurant.


From Tucson comes the carne asada taco from El Guero Canelo:


Earl’s Family Restaurant in Gallup, NM hoofers the Navajo Fry Bread Taco:


In Dallas, it’s the SOCO (Southern Comfort) breakfast taco at Good 2 Go:


Jumping up to Chicago, we find the goat tacos from Birrierira Zaragoza:


In New Jack City, check out the pro tacos at Tacos El Bronco in El Bronx:


And last but not least, in Miami, everyone goes to Huahua’s for the fried chicken taco:


That’s what the Food Network says. How about you?