Golf great Chi-Chi Rodriguez hits a rare ‘ball in one’ (video)

Boricua golf great Chi-Chi Rodriguez was trying to break a pane of glass 20 yards away on a recent taping for the Golf Channel. And while he hit the target, the glass didn’t break and the golf ball bounced back straight to his cojones for an amazing Ball in One!

The Huffington Post reports:

One of the classic challenges in Golf Channel’s reality series Big Break is the golfers trying to hit a pane of glass in front of them. In a taping for the Big Break NFL show, golfing legend Chi Chi Rodriguez gave the challenge a try, with an unexpected result.

Chi Chi hit the frame of the pane with the ball ricocheting back and hitting him square in the groin.

Chi Chi is obviously superhuman, because not only does he shake off the blow, he cracks a joke as well by saying, “I had forgotten I had something there.”