In Downtown L.A., one white boy makes very special tacos (video)

In Downtown Los Angeles, near 7th and Spring, one gringo from the Midwest rolls out his cart at night and makes tacos like no one else. Video creator J.A. Lugo-Ponce explains:

Ben McMillan has been in the restaurant business since he came to Los Angeles via Cleveland. One thing about Los Angeles that really shocked him was the homeless population and the culture surrounding it. He decided to do something about it. So one day, Ben bought a taco cart and started making tacos.He’d give them out to the homeless but he felt that he could be doing more.

So Ben started an initiative where if a customer buys three tacos, he gives that customer a raffle ticket. The customer can then give that ticket to a homeless person who in turn can redeem that ticket at White Boy Tacos for a freebie. Next time you’re in downtown Los Angeles near 7th and Spring street, be sure to stop by and help feed the homeless!

Look for Ben after 10PM tonight, Taco Tuesday. And you can always follow WhiteBoyTacosLA on the Twitter.