La Chilindrina announces her retirement — she finally ‘hit puberty’

La Chilindrina has officially retired.

The lovable freckled child star and a main character of El Chavo del Ocho is saying adios to her 40-year entertainment career.

La Chilindrina gave POCHO an exclusive interview after the recent Univision television upfronts and said the main reason for ending her long run as La Chilindrina is that she “finally hit puberty:”

I think I’m ready to go out and see the world, maybe explore some of these weird feelings I’m having.

Confiding that it was getting awkward working with her male co-workers, half of whom she had a crush on — causing her to flub her lines — she confessed she can no longer fit into her costumes since she now needs a real brassiere instead of a training bra.

La Chilindrina currently lives in La Vecindad, a courtyard neighborhood in an unspecified working-class area of Mexico City, along with many beloved residents including Quico, a bratty rich boy, Ñoño, a spoiled chubby child, and El Chavo, a lovable but nameless homeless orphan who lives inside an old barrel.

The bespectacled Mexican sprite continued, “¡Fíjate, fíjate, fíjate, fíjate! I secretly loved El Chavo, but I got tired of waiting around for him to ask me out. I think he might be in the barrel, if you know what I mean.”

“It was time for me to go. Don Ramon, an older neighbor was starting to eye me a little too much. I think he might be some sort of alcoholic criminal pervert.”

When asked why the other children in El Chavo del Ocho haven’t also hit puberty, La Chilindrina said simply, “Girls develop faster than boys.”

Special thanks to Sara Ines Calderon and Oscar R. Garcia