La Cucaracha: Murrieta, CA is concerned for the kids (toon)


In case you missed it, the “crisis manager” hired by Murrieta doesn’t much like my cartoons or my use of the Twitter hashtag #MurrietaHateCityUSA.

Ken White, of the most excellent PopeHat blog has the story:

“Crisis Manager” Xavier Hermosillo Shrewdly Defuses Immigration Tumult By Threatening Cartoonist

BY KEN WHITE · JULY 16, 2014

Tags: Free SpeechLegal Threats YOUHADONEJOB

Murrieta, California is a town recently known for angry crowds screaming at Immigration & Customs Enforcement buses full of kids. Apparently Murrieta thinks that sort of coverage is not a selling point for the town, because they hired Xavier Hermosillo, a “Crisis Manager.” This is a typical and prudent move. Across America, if you ask public officials “how can we recapture the media narrative, calm hostility and anger, and promote sensible dialogue,” they will inevitably reply “hire an internet talk show host.”

Hermosillo set to work. What could he do to calm the troubled waters, improve the town’s reputation, and capture the sympathy of the media?

Of course! He could make moronic defamation threats against Lalo Alcaraz, a political cartoonist who writes the strip La Cucaracha! I can see no way that could go badly.

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