Manu Chao ‘El Viento’: ‘Beast’ train mangles limbs, lives (video)

Manu Chao recorded El Viento (The Wind) five years ago in front of Arizona Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s infamous “tent city” prison, but the tapes were unreleased until now.

In this new music video, the Arizona footage is paired with scenes of would-be Honduran migrants maimed on the infamous “Beast” train (La Bestia) that runs through Mexico en route to El Norte.

NDLON (National Day Laborers Organizing Network) explains:

Five years ago, in Phoenix, AZ, during the memorable visit and concert of international musical star, Manu Chao, Film Director Alex Rivera took this video of Manu Chao performing the beautiful song titled “El Viento” in front of Tent City, the infamous jail of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

We’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to release this footage to maximize its impact. Arts and culture helps emancipate when it makes suffering visible and, most of all, when it accompanies the struggle of people who confront the circumstances of their oppression.

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Thank you Nancy Landa aka Mundo Citizen for the heads up.