Mijo: I like your new home, pero no fierro on the windows?


I’m proud of you. This home is very big with hardwood floors, even in the kitchen! As you know, I prefer tile with a rosy color, como la cathedral in Zacatecas. The country kitchen is very impressive. It’s  not like any country kitchen como en mi rancho, but these are new times and a new country; And the abundance of wood paneling does look impressive. It is cedro? Still, how can you reclantar tortillas on an electric stove? Your ama is already confused by it. Y eso? To store wine? Pero tambien to store some Herradura? Esta cocina has windows everywhere! Have you thought about putting fierro on them?

Mijo, this Craftsman house has cuatro recamaras? Para cuando tengas hijos, verdad?! I am glad you hired an architect to design it. When I was building our house, I just went along as we got materials.  Yes, that’s why your bedroom is crooked. Remember going down the hardware store to buy sheetrock for the house? Tu Mom loves the walk-in closets. Pobrecita, our bedroom only has a small closets, so she sometimes had to hang her ropa in the hall closet.   Mira! Those bedroom ceilings are very tall;  It looks like I’m at Autozone.  I do like the stained glass windows in the recamaras. Your tio Pancho knows how to make those leaves and branches wrought iron designs.

Mijo, I’m really impressed by the soaking tub in the master bathroom.  Three people can fit alli!  If had one at the house, I wouldn’t be so jodido from mi esplada after working construction all day! Those dual sinks are great. Tu Mom would always has her pumadas, shampoo and razors in ours.   Having one just for yourself is a dream.  Having a sunroof in the bathroom adds un suave touch. Having natural light come into a home is always best.   Healthy.  Have you considered a tic-tac-toe pattern of bars with spades alli?  Those are french doors? Nunca sabia que eran!

Mijo, your screen porch is very comfortable. The view from the back is breathtaking. Farms and Trees como en el rancho. That breeze is delicious. Y no mosquitos! All those sacrifices tu Mom and I did has really paid off.  Mi hijo es un ingeniero! La gente en Zacatecas all knows about you. Despite being on a half-acre lot, it is easy to fence la casa.  Nomas le llamo a tu Tio Pancho;  We give him a 12 pack of Bud Light to dig us some holes for the chain-link fence. Facil! Since the garage is detached, pues it would just take us two weekends. I can’t believe the cochera has its own mini-kitchen, with an orno nomas para la Pizzas!

Mijo, alli te va un poco de dinero. I can buy the materials for the windows and fence. Un regalo de tu Mom y yo. I know you spent a lot of money on this new home. Your Tio Pancho owes me money from last year. He can do the jobs for free.  I insist, Mijo.  Hagale caso a tu Dad! Nunca sabes who are your neighbors.   Mijo, I don’t care if they drive Mercedes.  I don’t trust gente that don’t own a truck.


Tu Apa

San Diego Craftsman home photographed by Allan Ferguson.