The phony foundation of Trump’s proposed border wall (photos,video)

lalotrumpwallWhen Donald Trump meets with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto today, one topic of discussion is sure to be the orange man’s proposed wall on the US-Mexico border.

There will never be a pinche border wall.

“Donald Trump is not a builder,” according to an actual engineer who studied this BS idea.

“Donald Trump could not build a doghouse. Donald Trump is a developer who pays what he would call ‘very, very smart people’ to build things on his behalf,” he notes.

“…The challenge of Trump’s border wall is not technical, but logistical. The leap in complexity between ‘building a wall’ and ‘building a 2,000-mile-long continuous border wall in the desert’ is about equal to the gap between ‘killing a guy’ and ‘waging a protracted land war’…. human beings have built a 2,000-mile-long frontier wall exactly one time. Once. And it was accomplished only through a centuries-long building campaign that necessitated the forced labor of millions of Chinese peasants.”

The engineer goes by Ali F. Rhuzkan — it’s a pen name. Sounds foreign, doesn’t it?

Ali F. even drew up some plans:

Mas…The phony foundation of Trump’s proposed border wall (photos,video)

Mijo: I like your new home, pero no fierro on the windows?


I’m proud of you. This home is very big with hardwood floors, even in the kitchen! As you know, I prefer tile with a rosy color, como la cathedral in Zacatecas. The country kitchen is very impressive. It’s  not like any country kitchen como en mi rancho, but these are new times and a new country; And the abundance of wood paneling does look impressive. It is cedro? Still, how can you reclantar tortillas on an electric stove? Your ama is already confused by it. Y eso? To store wine? Pero tambien to store some Herradura? Esta cocina has windows everywhere! Have you thought about putting fierro on them?

Mas…Mijo: I like your new home, pero no fierro on the windows?