Obama immigration officials run out of immigrants to deport, switch to deporting American citizens

In a curious move, the Barack Obama White House is campaigning tirelessly for the Latino  re-election vote while also deporting a record number of undocumented immigrants.

In a mad dash to burnish their law-and-order credentials, Obama officials have deported over a million undocumented immigrants during the past 2 1/2 years and are on track to out-deport the two-term Bush administration’s 1.57 million. In fact, they have deported so many undocumented immigrants they may have depleted the supply.

They have turned to an American resource to fill the void: deporting U.S. citizens. The instances are numerous, and growing:

  • In 2008, Louisiana resident and U.S. citizen Andres Robles was deported to Mexico.
  • In 2009, ICE deported Mark Lyttle, a mentally-ill U.S. citizen who speaks no Spanish, to  fend for himself in Mexico.
  • In March, 2011 four-year old U.S. citizen Emily Samantha Ruiz was deported to Guatemala, presumably to spread word of the greatness of Barack Obama.
  • In 2010, 14-year-old Texas resident Jakadrien Turner was deported by ICE officials to Latin America, apparently so that she could work as a maid in Colombia. She is still out there, living the Colombian Dream.  Her mom found out Wednesday.

It’s yet another brilliant, chess-like move by President Obama. Instead of shipping American jobs overseas, like any normal, money-mad Republican administration, the Obama White House may be shipping actual American citizens to fill these highly desirable, open positions abroad. Americans will soon be clamoring to be offered such lucrative jobs, such as Colombian house servant, or Guatemalan toddler/campaign spokesperson. I know many Americans, including those reading this very article, who possess the proper skill set required to be crazed, penniless drifters.

President Obama has promised to create jobs and to increase American exports, perhaps he has found a way to deport two birds with one stone.