Hip Hop Hoodíos: ‘Mexican Miller (The Self-Hating Stephen Miller Song)’

Former nice Jewish boy and current White House official Stephen Miller coagulates coordinates Trump’s bloody anti-immigrant message and policies.

This begs the musical question: What would Miller rap about if he were a self-hating Mexican and not a self-hating Jew?

Mas…Hip Hop Hoodíos: ‘Mexican Miller (The Self-Hating Stephen Miller Song)’

In ‘Welcome to America’, undocumented Yeni González crosses the country to be reunited with her kids stolen by La Migra (video)

Yeni González is one of the mothers who suddenly found herself thousands of miles away from her children this spring, after the alt-white regime’s “zero-tolerance” immigration policy went into effect. This TIME Red Border Film documentary shows how grassroots activists banded together to transport González from a detention center in Eloy, AZ, to New York City, where her children were placed at a social service agency after the undocumented family crossed the U.S.-Mexico border and was apprehended by the Border Patrol in May.