PAPAS: ‘This is where my people are from’ (video)

Papas is a short video by DFW, Texas creator German Torres. He explains it much better than we can:

A man goes out for the harvest of potatoes he grows as a delicious hobby; a routine that was once part of his family's means of survival.

I make an effort to visit my familia in Mexico at least once a year. This year I wasn't able to do so but I was inspired to revisit some footage I shot there last year of my Tio (uncle).

In this film, I follow my Tio as he makes his was to harvest his potatoes and I juxtapose that process with a personal narration of how far my family has came from having to do so to survive.

It's a reality that my family has had to face and I'm thankful I've been given the means to explore more opportunities that don't pit me against "do or die" scenarios. It's truly a privilege I know I have, along with being documented in the U.S. and being able to visit family on both sides of the U.S. and Mexico border.

This is such a simple story presented in docu-style form, that I hold dear to my heart. It's an accumulation of a young Xicano (Mexican-American) brown boy hanging out with one of his favorite uncles, visiting a small Mexican ranch countless times, growing every year consciously, about where his family is from and how much they struggled in comparison to his own, playing with fireworks without a care in the world and much more that would be impossible to share at this moment.

Nonetheless, I thank you for watching, listening, sharing and giving me a chance to share just a little bit of my family's story.