Obama aide’s ‘Chimichanga’ Tweet – racist or not?

Giant esteak chimichanga

In what’s been termed “the tweet heard ’round the world,” Pres. Barack Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina tweeted today that a line from a Washington Post editorial— “The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos” — was the “line of the day.”

Consequently, and in short order, Republicans began attacking Messina (not Latino) and lefties in general for being racist, insensitive, not offering Latinos much in the way of policies anyway, and much more. Repercussions of the tweet, however, reach much further than the Twitterverse.

Reports from our Mexico City correspondent indicate that Mexicans, and even some non-Mexicans, previously deemed to have exhibited “reasonable suspicion” of being Mexican who have since been deported, have launched a huge response to Chimichanga-gate.

“We’ve begun a quest to find the chimichanga,” said Armando Lopez, who lived in Tucson his whole life until he was rounded up and deported along with a swarthy Canadian, an Italian and a Chicano studies professor earlier this month. “None of us had ever heard of a chimichanga before, but apparently it’s a mythical dish that goes down in history for its deliciousness.”

While the quest just began this morning, the group is sure that their success will mirror that of Spanish explorer Francisco Coronado and his search for cities made of gold.

In related news, it appears that GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum has called for the prohibition of the chimichanga as “homosexual sex act” while frontrunner Mitt Romney said the chimichanga was an overly sexual Puerto Rican dance that didn’t mirror the spirit of the American Dream.

“When my American ancestors snuck into this country from Mexico, there was no such thing as Puerto Rico — or chimichangas — and that’s the America I remember. This chimichanga incident highlights why we need a return to American values, and you can’t pronounced ‘chimichanga’ in American, can you?” he told a crowd of three supporters at a fundraiser in Michigan.

Elsewhere, the state of Arizona now moving to ban the chimichanga as a racist instigation against a more American meal, the hamburger. “Mexicans who eat chimichangas might get ideas from their culinary tastes that could translate into politics,” said Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal. “First they take chimichangas into the classroom, then nationalist foodie tendencies, then the next thing you know la Raza wants to take back Aztlan!”

Republican tweeters have not shown so much outrage about the treatment of Latinos since…well, never.

All of this comes just a day after Mexico issued a travel warning for Mexicans headed to the United States.

Giant esteak chimchanga photo by Specious.