Pocho Ocho changes to expect after Indios + Chinos > Mexicanos

immigrationscaleChina and India now top Mexico as leading sources of new immigrants to the United Estates, new data reveals.

What are the Pocho Ocho top changes we can expect from these evolving patterns in immigration?

8. Indian actors will replace Puerto Ricans playing Mexicans on TV

7. San Jose, California will be known as Sanjay, California

6. White people will be considered “the model minority”

5. Two Words: Got chai?

4. Juan of the Above jokes are now Naan of the Above jokes

3. A debate every time someone calls you a “pinche indio”

2. Tandoori tacos and tofu tamales

And the numero uno top change we can expect now that immigration from India and China will surpass immigration from Mexico is…

Your Primo Chino may actually be Chino!

Eres Nerd, Maria Purisima, Professor Equis and Comic Saenz contributed to this report.