Pocho Ocho First World Back-to-School Problems

backtoschool We don’t know what the schedule is in your barrio, but here in Pocho Estates, A Gated Community, the kids are starting a new school year.

We know it’s not easy,  the way things are in the world today. The Libtard’s “climate change” hoax, the Federal Reserve’s phony money and Obummer’s Gay Socialist Nazi Muslim New World Order all conspire to make things difficult, especially for you, Mr. or Ms. Returning to School First World Entitled Student.

So the world better understands your plight, we’ve compiled your Pocho Ocho back-to-school gripes:

8. I didn’t get the new iPhone

7. My bulletproof backpack is so heavy

6. My parents say no tattoo until senior year

5. My roommate insists I throw down for the weed he shares with me

4. This Toyota Corolla my mom gave me cramps my style

3. My summer Twitter fling Carlos Danger turned out to be former congressman and joke of a mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner

2. The teacher changed my name because there are three guys named Eduardo Lopez in this class

And the numero uno first world back-to-school problem is…

The teacher I’m dating wants to see other students.