Pocho Ocho Mexican products unlikely to make it in the U.S.

Remember how Chevrolet totally FAILED when they introduced the Chevy Nova (photo) because “no va” means “it doesn’t go” in Spanish and people all over Latin America just laughed and laughed at the stupid gringos and didn’t buy any Novas? That story is bullshit.

But English en Espanol can be as wack as Spanish in Ingles, and that’s why these Pocho Ocho Mexican products have bleak sales prospects in Los United Estates:

8. Bicho Killer insecticide

7. Her Pez canned tuna

6. Golden Piscina bubble bath

5. No Dudo chocolate

4. SantoRum malt liquor

3. Asa Munch tortilla chips

2. Tres Horas hair cream

And the numero uno doubtful Mexican product is…

Tequila Negro


Especial Correspondents Elise Roedenbeck and Chris Garcia contributed to this story.

Chevy Nova photo by Bull-Doser. Inspired by Guy Kawasaki.