Pocho Ocho most annoying selfies

thumbSelfies are fun, but we all hate them anyway. It’s hard to understand, but we wanted to compile a list so we were all on the same page.

8. The “It’s that time of the month” selfie featuring sanitary napkins or tampons, either used or not, and/or a sad face.

7. The “I’m in the bathroom but I swear I didn’t just take a shit” selfie featuring a peace sign, your face, the bathroom mirror and the toilet you just used in the background.

6. The “Look I have friends, I swear” selfie with a group of people you never talk about or reference, but refer to as “besties,” “bros,” or “homies” every few months in the selfies you take together.

5. The “Look, I need to eat food” selfie that is a picture of a plate of food with your hand next to it. Ok, we get it, you need to eat like everyone else.

4. The “Look I’m at the gym selfie” where for some reason you decided to take your phone with you to the gym and be that asshole posing for photos when someone else needs to use the weights.

3. The “Look, I have boobs selfie” where your breasts — large or not — appear larger than Mount Rushmore.

2. The “I take photos at inappropriate times selfie” wherein you are in a movie theater, church, funeral or some other place where you shouldn’t be taking photos but do so anyway.

And the number one most annoying selfie..

Duckface. Anything with a duckface. Stop it. Think of the children.