Pocho Ocho reasons ‘Hispanics’ like Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien’s show is more popular with Hispanic viewers than any other late-night program, the vaguely-talented host announced Monday night. Here are the Pocho Ocho reasons why:

8. He has hair like everyone’s tio.

7. Hispanics think he is funny; Latinos don’t.

6. He has more Latino comedy writers than George Lopez did — one.

5. His head is so big some think he is a Mayan god.

4. He is silly and embarrassing like every Univison comedy program.

3. Folks think he is an infomercial before Lopez comes on.

2. Hispanics can relate to getting fired, demoted, then taking a lower-level job.

And the numero uno reasons Hispanics like Conan is …

Latinos are making anchor babies while Hispanics want to have something to say at the office water cooler.