Pocho Ocho signs that you are a renter

Here at POCHO headquarters, not all of us own our own homes. As a matter of fact, some of us are the victims of less-than-concerned landlords. Oh, the joys of renting!

Here are the Pocho ocho signs that you’re renting:

8. Your towel rack is broken for weeks at a time and you have to hang your towel on the front stoop, which “brings down property values” but doesn’t lower your rent.

7. You can hear cats having sex on every side of your apartment complex in the middle of the night.

6. Toilets, showers and sinks occasionally overflow with water that smells funny.

5. You can’t tell if your neighbors are having sex or if their baby is crying.

4. Washing your clothes every week means you have to fight with old ladies over using the machines and search for your underwear amongst lost socks.

3. The soundtrack of your life is a bleeping smoke alarm.

2. You find creepy old pieces of crud between your drawers and underneath the sink.

And the numero uno one sign you’re a renter is…

The “friendly” handyman always manages to come by when you’re scantily clad.


Photo by Jim Epler.