Pocho Ocho top anti-Spanish language Trump executive orders

The racist regime of President Donald Trump — an ignorant demagogue without a single Latino in his cabinet — has removed the Spanish section of the presidential website at whitehouse.gov — but wait, THERE’S MORE!

The Pendejo-in-Chief is also proposing additional anti-Espanol purification of the language. Here are the Presidential Prick’s Pocho Ocho Top Changes::

8. Chocolatl will now be known as Swiss Miss.

7. Latinos are now Invisible.

6. Marihuana will be called Kale.

5. Pronto will be replaced by Achtung.

4. Tobacco to be renamed Kentucky Konfederate Kandy.

3. Tornados officially reclassified as Twisted Sisters.

2. Nachos become AmeriSnacks (but not until after the Super Bowl).

And the Numero Uno Tump Anti-Spanish Language Executive Order is ….

Jesus Christ is out; Jiminy Christ is in.