Pocho Ocho top differences between Republicans and Democrats

What, you may axe, distinguishes the Republican and Democratic parties?

Here’s our list of the the Pocho Ocho top differences:

8. GOP: Ted Nugent; Dems: Ted Nguyen

7. GOP: Hands off my guns; Dems: Hands off my vagina

6. GOP: “Boy the way Glenn Miller played”; Dems: “I’ll be there for you”

5. GOP: Merlin; Dems: Bill Nye the Science Guy

4. GOP: Fracking; Dems: Kale chips

3. GOP: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell; Dems: Ooooh, tell me everything, girlfriend!

2. GOP: Private equity hedge funds; Dems: Menudo cook-offs

And the numero uno difference between the Republicans and Democrats is…

GOP: Mope; Dems: Hope.


Image by DonkeyHotey