Back from the dead y live on YouTube, FDR explains the debates (video)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd Presidente of the United Estates and Democratic Party icon, is back from the dead and live on YouTube with a video that explains in one minute what to expect in tonight’s Clinton vs Trump debate. Like both former Presidents Bush, former President Clinton, and former President Carter, former President Roosevelt will not be voting for Donald Trump.

@MexicanMitt Romney responds to Democratic Convention espeeches

I was recovering from the Clint Eastwood Chair Incident, pretending to listen to some storm victims in who-knows-what-FOCKED-UP backwards-ass SOUTHERN STATE, and I was forced by my campaign adviser to watch the Democratic National Convention.

TV COVERAGE OF THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION IS HILARIOUS, the camerapeoples have to constantly pan around to find THE ONE STRAIGHT WHITE MALE.

Then I was forced to watch the espeech given by JULIAN CASTRO. Yes, the espeech gave ME A PAIN IN THE BIDEN.

First of all, how did a 12-year-old version of Jimmy Smits become the mayor of a major American City? Oh it’s San Antonio? Never mind.

Mas…@MexicanMitt Romney responds to Democratic Convention espeeches

Desperate Texas Democrats vote to secede from union

(PNS reporting from TEJAS) The votes have finally been counted and it looks like Democrats in Texas voted overwhelmingly yesterday to secede from the United States of America

“Texas Democrats are tired of Gov. Rick Perry’s partisan politics and of a Republican legislature that seems hell-bent on destroying the rights of hardworking Texans,” said state Democratic spokeswoman Rebecca Acuña.

The vote to secede was a desperate move for the Dems, who fought a hard fight against Republican redistricting that is still tied up in Federal courts. Hidden at the end of the state constitution — after the part where Rick Perry famously said the state could secede from the union — was a footnote that allows for areas of the state to secede as well.

Mas…Desperate Texas Democrats vote to secede from union