Puro Pinche Oldie: Brown Brothers of Soul’s ‘Ese Cholo’ (video)

This groovy instrumental featuring a Hammond organ, very much in the late 1960s early 1970s Green Onions and Shotgun groove, is from the The Brown Brothers of Soul. It’s called Ese Cholo.

From Funk45.com:

Brown Brother Of Soul – Cholo

Label: Speciality
Ref: 698
Rating: 5.54
Votes: 28
Dec 7 2001 4:23PM by Brian Poust
The Specialty release came out in 1972, so the RAZA 45 was probably just shortly before.

At least one web site says that Rulie Garcia recorded 4 albums on Billionaire and there’s a 45 on United Artists “Que Pasa”/”Part 2”.

Sep 5 2000 11:01PM by Luey Gonzalez
To the best of my knowledge this 45 was originally released on RAZA Records, R-1027 circa 196* or 197* as the Brown Brothers of Soul. Side A sports the chicano funk track “ESE CHOLO”, and Side B “Poquito Soul” which was also covered by other artists.

Rulie Garcia, also known as “Jonny Chingas”, is the infamous East LA musician who wrote these songs and numerous others. If anyone knows of any Rulie Garcia LP’s that exist, please email me.