You can ‘Reach for the Stars’ with a plastic grabber thingy (video)


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write, shoot, cut and complete a short comedy video in 48 hours including this line of dialogue --"Am I missing something here?" -- a character named Lee or Leah Gregory, and a plaster grabber thingy as a prop.



Sergio Anthony Gonzalez explains via email:

As Latino film makers, my brother Julio and I, in association with the YouTube channel Flounder Biscuits, submitted Reach for the Stars as a submission for Idaho 48 Hour Film Festival. You are given a prompt at 6PM on Friday and expected to produce a 3-6 minute film by Sunday at 6PM.

Our prompt included:

  • a line of dialogue: “Am I missing something here?”
  • a genre: comedy
  • a character: Lee or Leah Gregory, and
  • a prop: a plastic grabber thingy

The film was screened at the “Best of I48” and awarded best use of prop in the Novice Division.

As an added bonus, my brother and I gave a special cameo to our dad. He was an extra in over 16 films as a teenager. Most were filmed out of John Wayne’s Ranch, Chupaderos outside of Durango, DGO, MX. We felt it necessary to give him a speaking part making his transition to extra to actor. This was also the reason he left Mexico in 1977 at 18 years old. He landed this last role on the day before he retired back to Mexico.

As kids, we learned a lot about telling stories, dreaming big, and having a sense of humor that pushes most social boundaries. It makes sense that our dad helped us reach our own little star.