You can ‘Reach for the Stars’ with a plastic grabber thingy (video)


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write, shoot, cut and complete a short comedy video in 48 hours including this line of dialogue --"Am I missing something here?" -- a character named Lee or Leah Gregory, and a plaster grabber thingy as a prop.



Sergio Anthony Gonzalez explains via email:

Mas…You can ‘Reach for the Stars’ with a plastic grabber thingy (video)

Win free tickets to Thursday’s rockin’ DTLA Cincléctico show

cinclecticWhen Cinco de Mayo gets eclectic it’s CINCLÉCTICO!

Two of our fave “eclectic” local bandas are on Thursday’s CINCLÉCTICO bill at the Regent Theater downtown — rocksteady/ska superstars The Delirians and retro-soundtrack rockers Cutty Flam — and a good time is guaranteed for all.

What’s more, we’re giving out two sets of freebie tix to randomly selected entrants who can CORRECTLY answer this question before midnight Wednesday PDT:

Mas…Win free tickets to Thursday’s rockin’ DTLA Cincléctico show

L.A. woman eats 53 habanero chiles in 20 minutes (video)

@nbcla Thank You #habaneroeatingcontest coverage #prlife #culinary #chichenitza restaurant #dtla

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Teresa de Jesus Sandoval was named the champion at the Father’s Day habanero chile eating contest at Chichenitza in Downtown L.A. after scarfing down 53 of the the scorching peppers in 20 minutes.


Mas…L.A. woman eats 53 habanero chiles in 20 minutes (video)

Francisco Garcia Lopez wins ‘Most Mexican Man in the World’

nopales(PNS reporting from GUANAJUATO, MX) Francisco Garcia Lopez was named Most Mexican Man in the World in the final episode of Who Is More Mexican ? (¿Quién es más mexicano?) recorded here last night, PNS has learned.

Audience members exiting the taping at Teatro Televisio said that winner Lopez (publicity photo, above) had impressed the judges with his singular dedication.

Lopez, a 37-year-old bachelor attorney, “underwent extreme body modification, all the way down to his prickly pear,” one excited fan gushed.

Mas…Francisco Garcia Lopez wins ‘Most Mexican Man in the World’

From the OC: Finish this Mexican funnel cake and it’s free (video)

At the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, there’s a tempting challenge for manly men — finish a gargantuan pile of fried dough (AKA a Mexican funnel cake) in 30 minutes and this exciting taste sensation is yours for free. It’s a $20 dessert, weighs five pounds and comes with whipped cream and strawberries. Of course, it’s easier said than done, as this video shows.

If every picture tells a story–does this one? Caption contest! *UPDATED

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Image borrowed from The Chita’s Clitoris, a Tumblr well worth your adult eyeballs; the pre-cholafied painting is here.

Caption this POCHO photo, win a Mexican Mitt Romney poster

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Write the best church sign message and win something cool! *

We had lots of fun last night with the “church sign generator” at and came up with this little image which we thought would make for a good contest.

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Mas…Write the best church sign message and win something cool! *