Win free tickets to Thursday’s rockin’ DTLA Cincléctico show

cinclecticWhen Cinco de Mayo gets eclectic it’s CINCLÉCTICO!

Two of our fave “eclectic” local bandas are on Thursday’s CINCLÉCTICO bill at the Regent Theater downtown — rocksteady/ska superstars The Delirians and retro-soundtrack rockers Cutty Flam — and a good time is guaranteed for all.

What’s more, we’re giving out two sets of freebie tix to randomly selected entrants who can CORRECTLY answer this question before midnight Wednesday PDT:

What does the Cinco de Mayo holiday commemorate? Do you know? Want to try to win free tix? Click here to send us your answer before midnight tonight.

And here’s some Delirians to get you pumped:

And Cutty Flam:

Missed the deadline? Didn’t win? Tickets are still available here….