POCHO is finally out of Facebook jail and back online


(EAST LOS, AZTLAN, 31 de agosto 2023)


The POCHO.COM Facebook page is now back in the hands of POCHO Jefe-in-Chief Lalo Alcaraz and POCHO Jefe-de-Content Dennis Wilen (aka Comic Saenz).

The page was hacked, disabled, and then stolen in a series of exploits that started in 2020.

Mas…POCHO is finally out of Facebook jail and back online

Pocho Ocho Top Ways We’re Fighting the Corona Virus

woman in surgical mask

DATE: MARCH 11, 2020

Your lives are somewhat important to us. That's why we've instituted eight new prophylactic measures to reduce estaff exposure to some possibly dangerous germs and shit.

Here are the Pocho Ocho Top Ways We're Fighting the Corona Virus:

8. The 11AM editorial meeting, usually held at BarrioBucks, has been moved to the Wuhan Wok restaurant next door because they value our business, whereas BB won't let us forget that chanclazo in December.

7. Please see me for your choice of luchador masks and/or dog cones to help you not touch your face.

6. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed around the office that dispense Vicks® VapoRub™.

Mas…Pocho Ocho Top Ways We’re Fighting the Corona Virus

POCHO’s Ñews y Satire is under 10¢ a laugh when you donate $50!


Can you donate $20 or $50 so we can make more Ñews y Satire?

We like making POCHO for you every day, but it takes money. Can you help?

POCHO has no big backers, no mega investors, no brand-name “sponsors.” Longtime readers may have notice we dripped Google’s syndicated ads.

That’s deliberate.  We get the cash we need from you, our loyal readers, and no one tells us what we can or cannot publish. Can you help?

We need cash. Ten bucks, $20 or even $50 isn’t that much once you do the math. Can you help?


POCHO typically publishes four new posts every weekday, or 20 posts each week. If only half of those make you laugh, that’s 10 laughs a week. Fifty-two weeks of 10 laughs is over 500 laughs a year. With a $50 donation, your net cost per laugh is a less than a dime.


Such a deal!

Please kick in a few bucks to keep the Ñews y Satire flowing.  It doesn’t have to be $50 – ten bucks, twenty, whatever, it’s all good. We take all plastic and PayPal tambien.

Click on the DONATE button to give and thank you for your support.

Los Pochodores 

Running POCHO is a dirty job but some juan’s gotta do it

pochoonlineRunning POCHO is a real job. It takes hours of work, dedication and writers, editors, artists and videographers.

And it takes time and money.

We’ve got the time. We need you for the money.

  • We’d like more Internet bandwidth which means we need more money for our hosting company.
  • We’d like to rebuild this website, which means we need to hire a web development company.
  • And we’d like to pay the volunteer editors, cartoonists, reporters, and photographers who contribute because they believe in the mission.

Mas…Running POCHO is a dirty job but some juan’s gotta do it

Please put some cash for POCHO underneath this year’s Chancla Tree!

Can you donate $5 or $10 so we can make more ñews y satire?

As fams around the world place presents for loved ones under the Chancla Tree, please consider making a small holiday donation to POCHO so we can continue breaking the ñews!

POCHO needs money to upgrade our webservers, money to fix our broken computers and, more than anything, money to pay our editors and writers and videographers and cartoonists who have contributed a year’s worth of amazingly chingon content for free.

Every $10, $20 or $50 helps. Click on the donate button now.

Thank you, pochos!

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