So Frida Kahlo: This Halloween you’re going as a boy? (1924 photos)

The many faces of Frida Kahlo include a somber Frida, all of 17, in a three-piece suit.

Dangerous Minds explains:

Frida Kahlo is about seventeen in these family photographs taken by her father, Guillermo Kahlo, circa 1924. Each member of the family adopts a pose reflective of their station, but it is Frida who holds our attention—she stares directly at the camera daring us to look away.

There is a game being played. Frida is dressed as a boy in shirt, tie and three-piece suit, she is playing a role, flouting convention. Frida is also challenging the viewer’s notion of gender.





More at Dangerous Minds… That’s where we got these photos, too. Gracias!