Study: Trump “deranges” bridge players’ “no trump” games – or not

trumpbridgeIn competitive bridge, where card players employ a “no trump” game, the real world “yes Trump” manifestation is causing players to become “subtly deranged,” researchers reported on Friday.

Or maybe not. StatNews reports:

The prospect of Donald Trump becoming president is unconsciously affecting bridge players so much that they become “subtly deranged,” researchers reported on Friday, with players succeeding with “no trump” games more often than before the real estate developer entered politics.

The study is real. The researchers are respected statisticians. The meeting where they presented the discovery is legitimate. The “no trump effect” is bogus.

In the same vein as John Oliver’s recent takedown of “scientific” studies, statisticians analyzed data from bridge tournaments to see if Trump’s march to the White House has “irrationally changed the behavior” of elite players.

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