A love story for Valentine’s Day: Amor Mio

By Janie Isidoro

Yes, I’ll admit it.

I have had six Coronas too many.

I’m at the moment where everything is hilarious and I love everyone. I hug random people and tell them how great life is. I hug my brother and tell him how much I love him and hate him for reading my diary when I was 15, baboso!

Cleaning up after Gema’s wedding is so much easier now that I’m drunk. I keep seeing Hector out of the corner of my eye, watching me. We have been friends since we were in 2nd grade.

He comes over next to me grabbing the glass bottles of Coronas from the tables, “Let’s get married.”

I try and look over at him but my eyes are having the hardest time adjusting to his face, “Whatever! Hurry up and pick up the bottles I want to rap!”

He starts laughing and keeps grabbing the bottles, “¡Pues oralé, rap!”

Dammit if these Coronas haven’t made me brave!

Mas…A love story for Valentine’s Day: Amor Mio

Pocho Ocho rudest vanity license plates refused by the DMV

cagovYour California Department of Motor Vehicles has standards, you know, and not every request for a personalized/vanity license plate can be accommodated, even though they still hope you’ll like them on Facebook. It’s not personal, dude, no hard feelings. K?

“Welcome to the Department of Motor Vehicles’ office of vanity plates,” SFGate.com esplains, “where three full-time state employees review some 90,000 applications for personalized license plates each year and, citing poor taste, turn down thousands.”

Here’s our list of the Pocho Ocho rudest vanity plate requests declined by the DMV:

Mas…Pocho Ocho rudest vanity license plates refused by the DMV